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The Explode.xla Add-In

The file "Explode.xla" is a Microsoft Excel Add-In that is very useful for interrogating complicated spreadsheets. It is able to display all of a cell's precedents and dependents along with their values, and allows you to navigate easily between them, without needing to use Excel's trace dependents/precedents function.

It was written in October 2001 by Aaron T. Blood of XL-Logic.com, but as that site is no longer maintained, it is not possible to download the add-in from there, and can be difficult to find.

Amberside accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from use of this Excel Add-in.

Aaron T. Blood and/or XL-Logic.com can not be held responsible for any lost or damaged data that may result from the use of this tool.

Click here to download the Excel Explode Add-in

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