Low Carbon

We advise on over 10GW of investment in renewables and networks across solar, wind, biomass, waste and emerging technologies.

Solar & Wind

Solar & Wind

With new large solar receiving a credible bid below 1.8 cents / kWh, solar’s scale and reach is having a global impact. It is still the detail that matters.

From our work across developers, EPC, buyers and sellers, we know the key role repetition plays in driving down cost. This carries risk where assumptions are just that, assumed. We support value with rigorous diligence ranging from benchmarking through to military-standard testing.

Mandates Delivered: 146
Biomass & waste

Biomass & Waste​

Delivering planned returns in an environment of volatile prices & complex contracting, demands clarity of how commercial decisions flow to returns.

From our work across a wide range of technologies and regulatory regimes, we offer proven tools that build confidence in your decisions. Through our advisory practice, we are constantly developing our suite of templates to suit your needs — such as developing new PPA’s or pricing for CfD auctions.

Mandates Delivered: 60


The impact of renewables growth on network resilience is creating challenges and opportunities. Investability matters most. Changing demand, increase in renewables, capacity constraints, regulatory updates, investor confidence, competition are all components that are impacting the network. Through our work for Ofgem and developers, we are at the forefront of the issues and solutions and have worked on a range of network mandates exceeding £50bn in capital value.

We are working with developers and investors to enhance existing energy investments through co-generation and delivering grid resilience. We are working with regulatory authorities to increase the role of competition. Having experience working on several OFTOs we are now working with regulatory bodies to increase the role of competition in new markets/sectors. 

Mandates Delivered: £50bn+
Our Technologies

Other Technologies​

With renewables growth, features such as negative electricity prices will be more common.

Technology keeps changing and the impact of renewables growth on grid resilience is creating both challenges and opportunities. We track changes in regulation and the impact on technology. 

We are currently working with developers and investors across a range of evolving technologies such as battery storage. 

We are developing practical ways to enhance existing energy investments through co-generation and new technology. 

By interacting with regulatory authorities, we are exploring new forms of delivery that can open up investment opportunities while delivering grid resilience.

Active Mandates: Battery Storage, Gas Peaking, Electric Vehicles


We have been appointed on over 200 infrastructure projects across roads, rail, water & other essential economic asset classes.



Compared to other sectors, we see a greater range of returns among roads PPP projects.

Projects vary in risk allocation, both between highway authorities and concessionaires and between them and their supply chain.

Whether based on availability only, or with exposure to partial or full traffic volume and pricing risk, our experience covers new continental highways, national roads and bridges, street-lighting and local highway maintenance projects, with an emphasis on refinancing road assets.

We also work with projects encountering revenue shortfalls and/or technical issues and our approach of working closely with technical advisors, lenders and sponsors brings confidence to project cashflows.

Mandates Delivered: 55



Water investors face sustained headwinds given a tough recent regulatory price review, record fines for spillages and misreporting along with political uncertainty.

Since privatisation in 1989, overseas infrastructure investors have established substantial ownership of water assets within England. More recently, further external finance has been attracted in order to finance major new infrastructure projects.

However, the environment for future returns looks tough with PR19 having concluded at a record low cost of capital, Ofwat imposing record fines for misreporting and underinvestment, and a growing threat of renationalisation.

Mandates Delivered: Waste Water, Pipe Networks 



With ongoing investment in rail across Europe, the sector remains one of the most attractive.

Factors including sustained passenger growth, regulatory visibility and a highly fragmented market are all attractive features for those investors seeking some economic exposure through investing in rail.

With rolling stock able to access both asset finance and project finance, the sector benefits from a sophisticated fund-raising market which can tailor offers to the particular features of each project, and can refinance existing debt to exploit favourable market conditions.

Mandates Delivered: 14



With higher volumes of data traffic and cloud computing, there is increasing activity in digital infrastructure. Support from UK Government’s Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund has supplemented strong investor demand in full fibre broadband.

With growing environmental, social and governance (ESG) pressure on corporates to reduce emissions while delivering their growing data needs and with 5G and data-hungry self-driving vehicles on the horizon, the confluence of data, ethics, energy and innovation provides a strong space for bolder investors.

Mandates Delivered: Fibre Networks, Data Centre Feasibility Studies

Public Sector

We understand the needs of all stakeholders within the public sector and the challenge for projects to deliver social impact alongside financial returns to investors. We are renowned for our responsive approach and for ensuring speed to market; put simply, we help make transactions happen.

Amberside are easily accessible with pre-agreed terms negotiated with central Government through the Crown Commercial Services Framework.


Having delivered over 200 infrastructure projects across the waste, rail, roads and water sectors, Amberside are experts in supporting local authorities deliver projects at speed and which meet all Green Book requirements.


Local authorities are under huge pressure to think differently about their financial models as a result of both COVID-19 and changes to government grants; Amberside ensure projects deliver both financial returns and community engagement every time.

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